Why become a court interpreter Singapore?

The general duty of a court interpreter is to assist people who don’t understand the language being used in a court of law to communicate properly. Court interpreters don’t necessarily have to be legal professionals meaning that they can be used in all judicial settings dealing with all kinds of court proceedings. A court interpreter Singapore usually helps parties speaking foreign languages to ensure both the judges, witnesses, and other legal professionals understand them in detail for a free and fair judgment. There are many reasons why you should become a court interpreter in Singapore, as explained below:

  1. Flexible working schedule

The best thing about becoming a court interpreter in Singapore is that you’ll always have a flexible working schedule. You have the choice to decide on when to take the assignments and when not to take them. This means that you’ve got the freedom to do other things outside the profession without any pressure.

  1. You’ll get a better understanding of the legal system

If you decide to be a court interpreter, you’ll learn many aspects regarding the legal system, including the legal structures and justice systems. This will help you understand fundamental rights. If you understand these rights, you’ll also be in a better position to explain them to others. Additionally, it’ll be easier if you decide to take a law course to change your career path. Even if you don’t change your career to the legal profession, you’ll get a better understanding of many other things, which will lay a good foundation if you shift your focus to politics or business.


  1. Prevent wrongful convictions

Sometimes people might be wrongly or innocently convicted due to misunderstandings. This largely results due to the inability to express themselves in order to get fair outcomes. Therefore, if you become a court interpreter in Singapore you’ll help foreigners who don’t understand the language used in court proceedings to get fair treatment and avoid wrongful convictions.

  1. Help parties get fair justice

If you become a court interpreter, you’ll impact other people’s lives by ensuring that they get fair treatment and judgment in a court of law. Your role will be to bridge the gap between the judges, lawyers, juries, and the party implicated in the court proceedings. This will not only help the party to get fair justice but will also provide a good platform for defending themselves. In most cases, unfair judgments can arise if there’s no proper communication between the two parties.

  1. No work monotony

A profession in court interpretation can never be monotonous. Every day will be a unique day, and you’ll be subjected to new things. As earlier mentioned, as a court interpreter, you can work in any court environment handling any case type. This means that you’ll deal with unique cases daily, thus preventing work monotony that sometimes leads to boredom.

These are some top reasons to become a court interpreter in Singapore. With the profession gaining a lot of demand, you get the required training and certification, and you’ll be good to go.

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