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Sisu Gala Night - Grand Finale of the Centenary Year’s Celebrations

December 11, 2017

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February 8, 2017

(By Marita Joutjärvi & Helena Saine-Laitinen)

10 portions, gluten free and milk free

 (Photo by Marica Salokangas)



10 Russet or red potatoes

2–3 pickles or 3 dl chopped gherkins

2 sour apples

½–1 portions of pickled red onions (recipe below)



1 dl wholegrain Dijon mustard

½ dl broth of the pickled red onions

2–4 garlic cloves

1 ½ teaspoons salt

1 teaspoons black pepper

1 teaspoons oregano

1–1 ½ dl olive oil



Oregano, parsley, chives


First make the red onions. (Recipe below)

Wash the potatoes, and put them on a baking tray with skin on. Cook in 225 °C for approximately an hour, depending on the size.

In the meanwhile mix the sauce: measure the mustard, vinegar broth, chopped garlic and spices. Add oil slowly, whisking all the time.

Peel the hot oven potatoes and slice them with a knife in a wide and shallow dish. Pour the sauce on top. Blend together carefully with two spoons so that the potatoes will not break. Let the potatoes cool down.  

Cut the pickles and peeled apples into cubes. Mix them together with the drained onions and potatoes. Decorate the salad with mix of chopped herbs.


Pickled red onions:

(7 ½ dl including the broth. Gluten free and milk free)


3 big red onions

2 dl water

1 ½ dl sugar

1 dl vinegar acid (10 %). Instead of strong vinegar acid you can also use white wine vinegar, but double the amount.

1 tablespoons salt


Peel the red onions. First cut them in halves, and then into thin strips.

Measure the ingredients of the broth into a sauce pan, and boil until the sugar dissolves.

Add the onion strips, and heat up until boiling. Leave to marinade until the next day.


Serving: Use the pickled red onions as a decoration with different fish dishes.

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