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Sisu Gala Night - Grand Finale of the Centenary Year’s Celebrations

December 11, 2017

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February 8, 2017

(By Marita Joutjärvi & Helena Saine-Laitinen)

12 portions

 (Photo by Marica Salokangas)



200 g milk chocolate (Finnish Fazer blue chocolate with red berries, if available)

200 g white chocolate

2 tablespoons butter

400 g cream cheese

2 tablespoons cloudberry liquor

2 tablespoons brandy

5 dl vanilla cream (You can make vanilla cream with regular whipped cream, and season it with vanilla and sugar.)


Chop the milk chocolate and put the pieces into a bowl. Do the same to the white chocolate, and put in another bowl. Add a small dollop of butter in each bowl, and melt the chocolates. Stir occasionally to make sure the chocolate is melting equally.

Divide the cream cheese into the two bowls. Spice the milk chocolate with brandy and the white chocolate with cloudberry liquor.

Whip the vanilla cream or whipping cream with sugar and vanilla, and divide it equally into the bowls and blend.

Fill dessert bowls or glasses with both mousses (half and half). Cover the serving bowls and store them in a fridge until ready to be served.

Decorate the chocolate mousse with fresh berries or chopped chocolate.

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