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Future Education 2017

SF100 Seminar & Expo – Designing Future Education 21.9.2017



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Refreshments & Kalasatama Primary School Virtual Experience

11:00 -13:15

Module 1: Finland and Singapore – Two Superpowers in Education

(Format: seminar)

HE Ms Paula Parviainen, Ambassador of Republic of Finland to Singapore: Welcome

HE Mrs Jayalekshmi Mohideen, Guest of Honour, Singapore's Ambassador to Republic of Finland: Welcome


Mr Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor, City of Helsinki: Welcome


Mr Richard Henry, Head of School, GEMS World Academy, (Singapore): Welcome

Ms Kirsti Lonka, Dr., Professor for Educational Psychology, University of Helsinki: Introduction to the Day: Phenomenon Based Learning

Mr Topi Litmanen, Dr., Chief Educational Scientist: Where does Artificial Intelligence Leave Teachers?, City of Helsinki Nominated Start-up: Claned

Ms Maarit Rossi, Paths to Math: Student-centred Teaching of Maths

Mr Lasse Leponiemi, Partner & COO, HundrED.org: Bringing Global Innovation in Education Up to Speed

Mr Serdar Ferit, Co-CEO and Co-Founder: Generation Superheroes: Inspiring Children to Save Our World, City of Helsinki Nominated Start-up: Lyfta



Lunch in GEMS School Canteen & Expo in Kindergarten Lobby



Module 2: Practical Solutions for Bringing up Life-long Learners

(Format: seminar)


Future & Digital Learning:


Ms Marjo Kyllönen, Dr., Head of Development Service Unit, City of Helsinki: How City of Helsinki Enhances Digital Learning in Primary Schools

Examples of Digital Learning:

Mr Riku Alkio, Founder & CEO: Gamifing Your Neighbourhood – Using Games in Phenomenon Based Learning, City of Helsinki Nominated Educational Digital Start-up: Seppo.io

Ms Mervi Pänkäläinen, CEO: Developing a Child's Character through Positive Peer Communications, City of Helsinki Nominated Educational Digital Start-up: Mightifier

Ms Pia Solatie, Co-founder & Director: Finnish Early Childhood Education through TV, AR and Digital Apps – Engaging, Explorative and Empowering Ways to Inspire Children in Learning to Learn. City of Helsinki Nominated Educational Digital Start-up: Dibidogs


Comments from Singapore & Discussion with

Mr Preetam Rai, Education Technologist, Ngee Ann Polytechnic


Balanced children, balanced environment:


Ms Kristina Kaihari, Counsellor of Education, Finnish National Agency for Education: Teaching Entrepreneurship and Soft Skills in the Recently Revamped Finnish School Curriculum

Ms Tiina-Maija Toivola, Economic Information Office (Finland): Me & MyCity Learning Concept: Learning to be an Entrepreneur


Mr Ben Furman M.D, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist: How to Stop Bullying Rapidly Using a Solution-focused Peer-support Approach. An Innovative Anti-Bullying Program Supported by the President of Finland


Ms Milla Kokko, CEO & Co-founder of HEI-Schools– Early Childhood Education: Finnish-model Kindergarten

Ms Pihla Meskanen, Founder & Director, Arkki: Architecture and Design Education -in the Heart of STEAM

Mr Tero Vanhanen, Fira : Resource-smart School as a Service


Comments from Singapore & Discussion with

Dr Patrick Liew, Managing Partner, Global Enterprise Exchange

Dr Lily Wong, Director, Dreamkids Kindergarten

Learning Café with City of Helsinki Nominated Start-ups in Auditorium &

Expo in Kindergarten Lobby




Lifa Air



TAT Me & MyCity

Alme Solutions




HEI Schools





Studio Puisto Architects


Paths to Math

House of Learning



Module 3: Networking – SF100 & GEMS World Academy (Singapore) Distinguished Speaker Series


Mr Peter Vesterbacka, Finnish entrepreneur, Founder of Rovio (Angry Birds) and Brand Breaker at Lightneer


Interviewed by:

Sebastien Barnard, Head of Marketing Communication & Admissions, GEMS World Academy (Singapore)