It seems that the jewelry trend in Singapore nowadays is leaning towards custom made or bespoke jewelry. Consumers are now looking for more personal and meaningful pieces to own or to give as gift and they don’t mind payIng extra. And many jewelers are happy to give in to the demand. More and more jewelry stores in are now offering Singapore bespoke jewelry. Still not sure whether to get customized jewelry or not? Here are some benefits of ordering bespoke jewelry.

It’s unique

Getting Singapore bespoke jewelry means that you’re getting something one-of-a-kind. These jewelry are made from scratch and the design is never used again to make another piece. If you are the receiver of a customized jewelry wouldn’t you feel special knowing that you’re the only one who has that kind of jewelry in the whole world? It means that the giver values you enough that he or she wants you to own a truly unique treasure.

And because bespoke jewelry is unique it tends to become an heirloom piece, something that is passed on from one generation to another. So in essence, you’re starting a tradition when order a customized piece of jewelry. You’re giving something that will be valued for many years or maybe centuries to come.

You can have your own input

Many jewelers alow customers to work with them in designing their ideal piece. The result is a piece of jewelry that is a product of your own creativity and imagination. It’s the ultimate …

The interior design of a house is a matter of preference of the family that would live in the house. Most families, however, prefer to consult a professional interior designer. This is because a person has the idea of ​​what the interior of a house should look like, but does not have the experience and practical knowledge to physically shape that idea. A professional interior designer knows the science behind design management and has a knack for home aesthetics. Regardless, no interior designer would decorate a home without consulting the hosts. In a way, an interior design activity is a shared responsibility between the host and the designer. Once the interior designer has designed the interior of a home, it is the responsibility of the hosts to maintain the appearance of the home. You wouldn’t need the interior designer until you are renovating your home.

A particular interior design theme can create a feeling of monotony on hosts if left unchanged for a long time. There may also be some real issues that require a home renovation. Because of this, most people re-invite the interior designer and ask him to come up with some ideas for home renovation. Objectively speaking, there are three main reasons for home renovation. These are the following 4 room bto renovation ideas

1. Contemporary aesthetics

It goes without saying that the main goal of interior design is to make the house beautiful. The feeling of beauty that prevails in our environment has a standard that …