Finding home based teaching jobs in Singapore

The covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected the economy and some people find that they are finding it difficult to get jobs or their salary is reduced. They would like to supplement their income, yet it is difficult for many individuals to find office jobs. In other cases, the person does not wish to spend time and energy traveling to the workplace daily. Hence many people are are interested in working from home and working as online tutor is one of the most popular home based jobs Singapore because of the excellent compensation and large number of opportunities.



The first step in becoming an online tutor is registering at the online tutor website like Champion tutors. Registration at the portal is free, the user only has to provide some personal details like contact information, qualification and experience. The tutor can also enhance his profile with pictures, videos, adding student reviews. The tutor should specify the rates which he is charging hourly for tuition, so that it is easy for parents to find the tutor they can afford. After the profile is created the tutor can browse the many teaching jobs which are posted, and then applying for online jobs. 


Online teaching tools

While there are some teaching jobs for which the tutor has to visit the students home a few times a week or months, increasingly students are opting for online teaching using the teaching app which has been specifically created. The software allows the tutor to easily interact with the student online, and explain the different concepts for the subject that is being taught. Online teaching is convenient for the tutor since he can work from his home. The student will also find the online teaching a better option, since he can get help whenever he requires quickly. 


Finding a tutor

The parent who requires a tutor for his child for a specific subject, can browse the profiles of the different tutors which are posted at champion tutors, comparing their experience, qualification and rates. The tutors are classified based on the level which they are teaching, upper primary, lower primary, upper secondary, lower secondary and junior college. After selecting the educational level, the subject is then chose. In some cases, the parent does not have the time to browse through the various profiles, he can specify the main criteria and tutor profiles will be provided.


Tuition rates and fees

The tutor will specify the hourly rates in his profile and also for the jobs for which he is applying. The rates vary significantly, and some tutors are paid up to $250 per hour. Typically tutors who are better qualified and with more experience teaching will charge a higher fee. The success rate of the tutors students also affect the fees which he can charge. Champion tutors will charge a fee which is 50% of the payment which the tutor receives for his first billing cycle. The billing cycle is usually for a period of one month. The tutor is directly paid by the parent in cash or using bank transfer. 

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