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About SuomiFinland 100 Singapore

The Republic of Finland is celebrated 100 years of independence in 2017, both on a national and a global level: with more than 70 countries in the world with a number of events planned out, there were be more white and blue hearts beating than ever before. The main goal was to greatly strengthen the knowledge of Finland by building bridges that would boost cultural and university exchange programs, tourism, business and investment opportunities with the hosting countries.

SuomiFinland100 Singapore was an open association that worked closely with the Finnish Embassy, running 100 events plus during the year. The events were planned around four main themes: healthcare and well-being, education, innovation and design with the key purpose to highlight common prospects and work together on challenges both our countries will have to face in the future.

Facts about Finland - why Finland is the World’s Best Kept Secret?

The Republic of Finland became officially independent from Russia on December 6, 1917. Finland’s history is one of the ‘from rags to riches’ kind, struggling through two world wars and rebuilding its economy from nothing, as a very young independent state. The spirit that has supported Finns through some ill times is called ‘sisu’ in Finnish, which roughly translates into a combination of determination and perseverance. It is a unique Finnish concept, but with that very same attitude towards life, Finland has reached high standards in a number of areas, some of them known worldwide, some more surprising. Here some interesting facts about Finland:

Education - Finland has been recognized over several years to have one of the top education systems in the world. The education is free and equal and we have the best educated teachers in the world. (Please read more…)

Happiness -Even short winter days do not depress Finns, Finland is ranked 5th in happiness. (Please read more…)

Prosperity - Finland is ranked 3rd in prosperity. Particularly successful are the Governance, Education, and Personal Freedom sub-indices- all of which have improved in the past decade. (Please read more…)

Most literate - Finland is the most literate country in the world. The culture values reading and we have excellent library network. (Please read more…)

Least corrupt - According to Transparency International, Finland is the second least corrupt country in the world. (Please read more…)

Greenest - Finland is ranked as the greenest country in the world with the least amount of pollution.. Finland has committed to achieve a carbon-neutral society that does not exceed nature’s carrying capacity by 2050. (Please read more…)

Most sustainable and least fragile - Finland stands still alone as the only country in the “Very Sustainable” category. (Please read more…)


Cleantech - Finland is recognized as a world leader in Cleantech. (Please read more…)

Human Capital Index - Finland is the best performing country in the world when it comes to building and leveraging its human capital potential the country benefits from a well-educated young population with a near-universal basic education survival rate and the highest score for the quality of primary schools. (Please read more…)

Information Technology - Finland ranked 2nd for embracing new IT. Singapore took the first place. (Please read more…)

Most socially progressive - According to the Social Progress Index, Finland is the most socially progressive country in the world. (Please read more…)

Safest country on earth - According to World Economic Forum Finland is the safest country in the world. If you lose your wallet there is a good chance to get it back untouched. (Please read more…)

Many other categories - Finland also leads the world in per capita coffee and milk consumption, saunas, and heavy metal bands. (Please read more…)

Photo courtesy of Taipale Brothers/Visit Finland

Photo courtesy of Konsta Punkka